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Yesterday was a really nice day out so me,Michael and Mike all went for a walk then we met up with Sam and Andrew. It was super fun. =]
Me and Mike are doing amazing. We've been together for 1 year,2 weeks,and 3 days. 348 days till our two years together. haha. I'm so in love with him.
Life is going great.
Court on the 24th gr.
Oh yeah i stopped talking to John's girlfriend she's starting to get noisy. i should have never talked to her in the first place. Stupid me...duh.
I'm going for sole custody and trying to make it so John gets nothing.


Wow. Michael is about to be ONE years old at 4:25am today. I can't believe his grown up so fast. He was 9 pounds 4.7 oz at birth and now his 26 pounds 2 oz at one years old. Its amazing being a mother. I wouldnt trade it for anything.
Mike and me are doing Amazing no wait there is no word for how we are doing. its better then amazing. I'm so in love with him.
Well thats about it.
Court on the 24th. hopefully all goes well.


Lets just say i love you baby. Your amazing.
We went to waterville yesterday to get the van checked out. then back to mom's for a second then we went up to Sugarloaf to look for his snowboard.never found it =[
Then this morning we all woke up and im like baby why dont we go to Bangor. and his like okay. see we all went  to clinton got his sister and went to the mall,toys r us, walmart it was so much fun.
I love you babe. your amazing in everyway.


Michael is saying a ton of words now yay.
Oh yes, John's girlfriend is having his baby so Michael will have a half sibling. As far as i care John can go fuck himself. He shouldnt even be allowed to have kids cause he doesnt even help with money for his first.
Oh well thats life his stupid.
Mike and me are doing amazing. Yesterday we kind of go into a fight and it was all my fault. I hate hurting him and fighting. We've been together for 1 year and 6 days. Its the best year i've had in my whole life.
Mike asked me the other day if we could have another baby. I really want to but we dont have the money and we're not living together yet. Time will tell us when the time is right. I'm aiming for 2010 or 2011 to start trying. Mike said he wants to be married before his 23 and i said okay deal.
I do believe we are soulmates.
2-27-08-Day we kissed and the sparks flew
3-11-08-Day Michael was welcomed into this world.


Snowday baby!

Well today is a snowday yet agian.
I kind of wish it wasnt cause i dont want to go to school past May 18th.
Michael woke up this morning and i didnt even hear him Grandma came in and grabbed him and then woked me up it was cute and funny.
8 days till Michael is ONE!
This snow sucks i just want it to be warm out so we can bring Michael for walks agian. But no its snow snow snow lol.
Well its 8:10am and im on AIM talking to Kyle. haha. i am so bored.

I'm New!

Well lets see.
Michael will be one in 9 days i can't believe it.
Friday was me and Mike's one year together. We went to china ting and Michael was with us so it was a nice time out. I would have to say i'm falling in love more and more.
School is going good. had a snow storm last monday and we are going to be getting a storm tonight so we probably wont have school tomorrow. if so its really going to suck. lol.
John(real Father) and me have court on March 24th yay...not. i hate going to court cause his whole family goes. its court not a family thing god.
This summer Mike,me and Michael are all going to NH i think to meet two people from World of Warcraft yay. Yes we play world of warcraft Horde baby! i have a lvl 41 warlock and mike has a lvl 80 healer.
I'm so happy i have my two boys in my life.
February 27,2008 MJV
March 11,2008 MJW




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